Cabling Maintenance


Moves Adds Changes

We can add or move cables to a new workstation, printer, or new network closet. We will make sure everything is labeled to your specifications. We test every cable we run or work on to make sure the connection is reliable.

Demarc Extensions

When you order a new internet circuit the provider delivers it to the demarcation point. A lot of the time that spot is not ideal and we can run it to the required location while making sure everything looks professional and is up to industry standards.

Cable Location Mapping

Have you lost control of your networking closet? Let us dedicate a day or two to get it in tip top shape. we can start by looking at old maps and starting fresh with a blank floor plan and creating a completely updated map. We can relabel patch panels and install appropriate patch cables leaving you with a nice network facelift. 

Network Closet Relocation

If you are planning on moving your network rack we can perform a survey to salvage whatever cables we can and make a plan to run replacements for the ones that will not reach to the new location.

Cable Removal Services

We can reliably remove unused cabling from a business while keeping current cabling intact.