Security Camera Systems & Access Control


Surveillance camera systems are the easiest and most affordable way to keep an eye on your business, your inventory, your employees, and your livelihood. Today’s surveillance camera systems are small enough to go unnoticed and some of them are simple enough for anyone to set up. FargoTek offers affordable surveillance camera systems to business customers throughout the Fargo, ND area to help you keep the things and people you love safe.

If you need to maintain a closer watch on what goes on at the office, let us help you set up surveillance camera systems that work for your security and your budget. Some of the options we offer include:


LTS Security Cameras and Access Control Hardware

IP Cameras—We offer a range of pan/tilt/zoom IP cameras with IR capability that will keep your surveillance on duty, even when you are not.

Analog Cameras—We have a full line of affordable analog security camera systems to choose from.

DVR and NVR—Digital and network video recorders are easy to install, guarantee excellent resolution, and offer large storage capacity.

Analog to Hi-definition—We sell a full range of equipment, anything from analog to hi-def, at excellent prices.

Surveillance camera systems are getting easier to manage every day. At FargoTek, our business is to stay on the cutting edge of surveillance technology and offer you services that meet both your needs and your budget. When you need new security camera systems we are ready to help with both selection and installation.

When it comes to surveillance camera systems, call on FargoTek in Fargo, ND.